Gray Creek Pass: Closed for the Winter

Status as of Apr 1, 2017 -- Gray Creek FSR is still closed for the season! The latest snow report (Feb 27, 2017) measured a snow depth at the upper weather station to be 2.18 metres. The "snow water equivalent" is roughly 94% of the average amount, so the opening date may be the usual mid July - but a late snowfall or landslide could easily change that. Check in with the Gray Creek Store if you are planning to enter the area. For further updates on the road conditons, we highly recommend visiting the Gray Creek Store blog. Also, check out the Road Works page for the Ministry of Forestry, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations, as well as the reported snow depths near the summit (Click the middle link "Snow Survey Data" and see Station 2D10 Gray Creek Upper - usually found at the bottom of the 3rd page).