Voluntary Closure on the Columbia and Western Rail Trail, East of Paulson

Posted 2018 August 24 -- Updated Aug 31 -- Closure Affecting the Paulson Area on the Columbia and Western Trail -- Copied from the BC WIldfire page: For public safety, a voluntary trail closure is in effect on the Columbia Western Rail Trail starting on the west end of Arrow Lake Drive south of the Hugh Keenleyside Dam and at the Paulson Detour Road and rail trail intersection (at the trailhead kiosk). This is a voluntary trail closure. The trail is being used by crews to access this fire and perform fire suppression. It would be helpful if the public could refrain from using the trail at this time. If you do not require to be in the area, please consider choosing an alternative route. Please do note, the situation can change rapidly and the area could once again be evacuated; the area is on evacuation alert (dated Aug 31). All users should view the BC WIldfire page for this fire to view the latest updates rather than this page. Trails BC does not update this closure notice daily, whereas the BC Wildfire page is updated and should be taken as the final word. Please contact the RDCK and/or Columbia and Western Trail Society should you require further information.