Warning: New Trail Routes from Elko to Elkford

Posted Nov 15, 2016 -- Update on April 12, 2017 - construction is ongoing -- Original posting: The route of the Trans Canada Trail between Elko and Round Prairie (just north of Elkford) will be changing very near in the future. Some trail sections may now even be open and operational; however our maps will not show these new alignments until we can obtain GPS tracks. Trail users passing through the area may choose to be among the first to enjoy these new trail sections, but for the time being their locations and routes will not be shown on our web site. As soon as we obtain tracks for them, we will add them to our maps. If anyone can obtain GPS tracks of these trail sections, photos, or any other useful information for our site, please contact us. webmaster@trailsbc.ca. For more information, visit http://www.e-know.ca/regions/elk-valley/elk-valley-trail-trans-canada-update-2/