Washouts at Myra Canyon between Bellevue Trestle and Ruth Station

Posted May 22, 2018 -- Notice affecting the Myra Canyon Area -- Ongoing, as of July 14, 2018 -- At Myra Canyon as of May 17, three washouts (1 major, two minor) have occured between Bellevue Trestle and Ruth Station about 2 Km from Ruth Station parking lot. The trail surface has deteriorated over the last 6 months with water pooling and it sounds as though these washouts are related to that.Take precautions when passing through the area. Avoid areas where water is pooling as further washouts could occur, or what looks like a puddle could actually be very deep. Updates will be posted on the Provincial Park page: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/myra/