Delta c33(a&b)

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c33 (a&b) Delta Cycle Loops 66k for TCT25 Program in 2017 - can be divided into 2 loops: 33a or 33b.  It is best done counterclockwise.
Selfies: 2 possibilities: 1) On Tsawwassen First Nations Boardwalk; 2) with the Pacific Flyway Monument
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About the Journey: 

This loop is a great day ride, accessible from multiple staging areas experiencing Regional and District Parks, dikes, and other land features connected by regional greenways. Visit bird sanctuaries, marshlands and tidal flats, with a number of key historical features along the way. The village of Ladner makes a great rest stop, especially on Market Days.  By doing the one complete loop of 66 km counts for two loops, 33a and 33b.  Note that there may be detours involving the cut-off routing on 52nd Street due to a watermain being intalled along this routing until later in 2017.  This cut-off is the division between c33a to the west and c33b to the east.  All these loops are best done counterclockwise, especially the c33b loop that takes in River Road and puts the cyclists nearer to the river bank.

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Directions: Printable Description (PDF Download)

Directions: Counter-Clockwise


Metro Cycle Trail Loop
Delta - West Surrey

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Distance: 66k loop - Could include stop at Ladner Market on Sundays when it is open (Every 2nd Sunday during the Summer).
Starting and end point: off Nordel Way take Nordel Court to Planet Ice Parking.
Connecting Roads - 15k
Trails and Pathways - 51k
Mode of travel: Well maintained Mountain Bike
Level of Difficulty:  Easy terrain - long distance
Low altitude - 0 -- High altitude - 70/230 ft -- basically flat
Time allowed:  7 to 8 hrs including lunch
Fitness level: Should be in good physical condition and have experienced cycling over 40k.
Meals: Early meal at about 11:15 a.m. at Ladner Market or in Ladner Town Centre.  Take a hearty snack along to be eaten at Mud Bay Regional Park.
Photos: Peter Hiebert

Features and Descriptions

From Nordel Court/Planet Ice we immediately take a Pathway from the Planet Ice Parking Lot to River Road.  Note that River Road is overridden by the new South Perimeter Highway at this location.  Heading West watch for a way to go under the Perimeter Hwy to get to the other side on a bike path the will connect again with River Road.

South arm of the Fraser River up to Deas Island Regional Park. 12k
Viewpoints show the north short Mountains, South Delta industries, Fraser River activities, and the Alex Fraser Bridge.

Tilbury Island Slough:
Take a short jaunt away from the River Rd. to take in better views of the Tilbury Island Slough and vegetation.  Turn right at 72nd St (Funeral Home on corner), left at Tilbury Rd, and left on MacDonald Rd. to continue on River Rd.

Deas Island Regional Park 
Washrooms are available in the park.  On the left is the Inverholme Schoolhouse (1909) one of the last one-room schoolhouses in Delta.  On the right is the Burvilla, a Queen Anne style residence (1905) and belonged to the Burr family in Delta.  The island is named after a black freeman and tinsmith, John Sullivan Deas who had claimed the island and built a cannery, wharf and dykes.  Other Greek families stayed on the island until the 1950's.

Delta Millennium Trail
This trail makes a wonderful connection from Deas Island to the rest of Ladner by getting past the Deas Island Tunnel under the bridge before the tunnel.

Ferry Road Pathway
This pathway runs along the South Island Wildlife Marshes.

The Ladner Village Market - 20k
Half a km from the dyke is the well known Ladner Village Market – open every 2nd Sunday during the summer.  Check this link for dates

Ladner Reach Marina
From this new section of dyke trail with Expo fixtures there is a view farmland and North Shore Mountains.

Wellington Point
On one side there is a view of the North Shore Mountains and the other the beginning of Westham Island.  It is an extra 10-km to and from the famous Reifel Bird Sanctuary on Westham Island.

Robert's Bank and the Deltaport on the Salish Sea (Start of Robert's Bank - 27.5k)
Getting past the Deltaport rail tracks can be a problem when trains are parked over the level crossing.  If this happens it will be necessary to take up to a 2.4k detour.

Boundary Bay Greenway Connector Route
After leaving the Tsawwassen First Nation Reserve the connector to Boundary Bay Greenway consists of roads and paths.  Washrooms are available at the South Delta Recreation Centre and at Beach Grove.  If there is still trail closure because of construction at the Golf Course take the shoulder of the Highway to 52nd St. and turn right to get to the main trail again. 

Boundary Bay Regional Greenway Dyke Trail - 39k
From Beach Grove the Boundary Bay Regional Greenway Dyke Trail to Mud Bay Regional Park is 17k of wonderful uninterrupted trail.  Look for the abundant bird life.  Eagles are quite prevalent.

On north side of the dyke there is a golf course (Kings Links), farm land at its best, acres of greenhouses, the Delta Airport, etc.

Mud Bay Regional Park - 56k
This regional park featuring seaside marshes in Surrey has picnic tables, other trails to explore, and washrooms.  From this point, travel by road for 2k under #99 Highway and head north on Colebrook Rd.   Link with the last section of trail passing the Family Golf Centre and re-enter Delta at Watershed Park.

Watershed Park
With its coniferous forest, Watershed Park is Delta's largest park and situated on a large artesian water supply.

Take the overpass over the rail.  An alternative is to take the Lower Trail in the park being careful not to take the Artesian Trail.  At the north entrance it is necessary to stay on the south sidewalk heading west over the highway to rejoin the main trail on the other side of the rail tracks. 

Burns Bog
From here follow the edge of the famous Burns Bog following Davies Creek all the way the Alex Fraser Bridge.  There is an opportunity to take an excellent boardwalk path over the bog.  From here take the pathway back to the start of the cycle.