Warning: East Side of Paleface Pass for Hikers Only!

Posted July 15, 2018 -- Notice affecting the Chilliwack / Paleface Area -- 1.5 kilometres of the Trans Canada Trail in the upper Silverhope Valley, on the east side of Paleface Pass between Chilliwack Lake and Hope is still very overgrown with alders and undergrowth, making the trail very difficult for cyclists, especially those with panniers or trailers, in a section that is in the upper third of a12.5 km trail along Upper Silverhope Creek. We don't particularly recommend taking this challenging route for that type of trail user at the best of times, but until we are able to send a work party to finish the job of brush cutting this last section, we  recommend touring cyclists use our alternate route from Chilliwack to Hope which follows the Fraser River using urban trails and roadways.