Crippen Regional Park, Bowen Island WALKING/HIKING TRAIL LOOP w6a

Map Legend: 

w6a Crippen Pk-Bowen 12k 
Orange Track is the complete Loop including the optional Dorman Lookout

Ferries Schedule Horseshoe Bay - Bowen Iland

Front of  Library in Snug Cove is a good starting point for people coming off the ferry
w6a 4.jpg

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About the Journey: 

Crippen Regional Park  -  The Metro Vancouver Regional Park website.

It comes off the Trans Canada Trail at Horseshoe Bay by taking a 20 minute ferry to Bowen Island.  There is no need to take a vehicle over for this loop.  The loop is 12 km   ( 2.2km less if you leave out Dorman Point).  This is quite an easy walk including restaurants and shops.  Allow up to 4 hours to do the whole trail allowing for stops.  A good meetup place is in front of the Library just beyond the Snug Cover Ferry terminal.

Main features for this walking loop:

  • Snug Cove itself with its amenities and a great waterfront
  • Bridal Fallsl and Fish Ladder
  • Killarney Lake circuit
  • Killarney Meadow and Fish Hatchery
  • Artisan Square (place to eat as well)
  • Dorman Point Lookout (Can be kept as an option of 2.2 km)

A good historical review of Bowne Island on this website


  • Leaving Horseshoe Bay
  • Views heading to Snug Cove
  • More veiws heading towards Snug Cove
  • View of the Mouunt Gardner on Bowen on the way to Bowen - trails available up to the peak
  • Ferry entering Snug Cove
  • Unloading passengers at Snug Cove
  • View of Bowne Island Marina and Kayak rentals
  • Snug Cove Dock
  • very distnct tower at head of beach walk entering Bowen
  • Distinct Library building at entrance of Bowen
  • Map of Bowen on the promenade next to Ferry terminal
  • Crippen Regional Park - a fantastic place to visit
  • Bowen Memorial Garden
  • Gateway into the Memorial Garden
  • Viewpoint of Howe Sound from the Memorial Garden
  • Watch for this sign and take a short jaunt to the Falls - its worth it
  • Approaching Bridal Veil Falls on Killarney Creek
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Bridall Veil Falls
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Killarney Lake Loop start
  • typical Douglas Tree Trunk
  • Douglas Tree bark
  • typical cedar tree
  • Killarney Lake Veiw from the trail
  • Hiking one of the boardwalks
  • View of Killarney Lake from the trail
  • Boardwalk
  • Typical trail view
  • Typical sword ferns native to the coastal forest
  • Logged Stump indicating size of trees before logging
  • view of Killarney Lake from the trail
  • mature salal
  • Boardwalk setting
  • tributary flowing into Killarney Lake
  • Springboard notches in logged tree in early 1900'a
  • Outdoor schooling from local public school
  • Another tributary into Killarney Lake
  • Reflection in Killarney Lake
  • Dam keeping level up in Killarney Lake
  • a lower view of the dam
  • The meadow walk takes us past the Fish Hatchery
  • Arbutus tree near ferry termina.
  • Trail to the Dorman Lookout
  • Dorman Lookout
  • Photo opportunity at Dorman Lookout
  • Arbutus tree at Dorman Lookout
  • Approaching Artisan Square
  • Popoular restaurant in Artisan Square
  • Inside restaurant in Artisan Square
  • Interesting totem
  • Beach next to ferry terminal
  • Further down the beach
  • Do you know about the the Sea-to-Sky Marine Trail