Lochside Trail (Victoria - Swartz Bay)

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About the Route: 

This route is a suitable alternate to travelling the Trans Canada Trail north on Vancouver Island to reach the lower mainland (Vancouver area) via the Swartz Bay-Tsawwassen ferry. Our Southwest region maps provide information on routes connecting from the Tsawassan ferry terminal.

Also, the southern half of this route provides a bypass of the Malahat gap, separating the TCT between Victoria and the Cowichan Valley. Our preferred route is the Interurban Route but the Lochside route may be slightly simpler route to follow. Please note the connection from the Lochside to the Brentwood Bay ferry travels along East Saanich Road and Stelly's Cross Road which can host moderately busy traffic at times. The yellow route shown on the map will get users from the Lochside Trail to the Brentwood Bay ferry. For directions from Brentwood Bay to the Trans Canada Trail at Shawnigan Lake, refer to our Malahat Bypass page.

Connection Points to the TCT: 

In the south, this alternate route leaves the Trans Canada Trail at the point where the Lochside Trail separates from the Galloping Goose (at the north end of the Trans Canada Highway overpass known as the "Switch Bridge"). This is located directly adjacent to the Uptown shopping mall. Northbound travellers should take the trail on the right - signs will direct you towards "Swartz Bay".

In the north, this alternate route terminates at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal, so there is no connection point to the Trans Canada Trail per se; although one can take the ferry to Tsawwassen and use our alternate routes to connect to the TCT in Langley or in downtown Vancouver:

Trail Highlights and Developments: 

This picturesque 29 kilometre multi–use trail, formerly a railway line, stretches from Swartz Bay to Victoria, past beaches, farmland, and wetlands, down country lanes and beside suburban backyards. The trail has a more civilized personality than its more rural cousin, the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. While some parts of the Lochside Trail are off-road and others downright pastoral, in some places trail visitors must share paved or gravel public roads with motor vehicles and farm vehicles.

You can cycle, stroll, run, or even ride a horse through the rural sections. Whether you're commuting to work, meandering on a weekend afternoon or pacing yourself from the Switch Bridge to Swartz Bay, the trail is yours to enjoy and yours to protect.

The former railway which once called the Lochside home was known as the Canadian Northern Pacific (By 1918 Canadian National) Railway. Starting from Victoria, the railway travelled north along the peninsula to Patricia Bay - therefore the northern segment of the trail is not technically rail trail. The railway was abandoned and sat for many years until the trail was opened in 2001.

For those travelling on foot, you may wish to take a short detour in Sidney to follow the walking trail along the waterfront.

The Lochside Trail intersects with the Galloping Goose Regional Trail and Trans Canada Trail just north of Victoria.

Trail Operator: 

Island View Regional Park is a great spot for a picnic and makes an ideal resting point as it is roughly near the halfway mark between Victoria and Sidney. Turn east when you reach Island View Road.

Public Washrooms

An outhouse is located at Island View Road, which is basically the halfway mark between Victoria and Sidney.

Shopping & Provisions

Mattick's Farm is a popular stopping point north of Victoria, found at the Cordova Bay Golf Club - which is about 5 km north of Royal Oak Drive.

There is a small fruit and veggie market located at the corner of Island View Road and the Lochside, located roughly halfway between Victoria and Sidney.

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