FraserFEST Cycling routes

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Note: these 4 land excursions led by Trails BC will be repeated August 23-26, 2018.  The routing can be done on your own.  It invvolves cycling the land route over 4 days following the canoeists and rafters on the Fraser River for FraserFEST between Hope and the Salish Sea.  We will accept a limited number of people to join us.  You will register for each day that you will want to paricipate.  There is no obligation for each participant to do more than one day.

Registraiont Procedure.

  • First, register here  prior to August 17 2018 but do not go to the pay section unless you wish to make a donation.

  • Second, in the registration go to the comment section detailing your choice of FraserFest excursions.  We will email you regarding whether or not the ride(s) is (are) full and we will follow-up with details about meeting places, starting times, etc.
  • Registration will continue until Aug 17 or when we have reached our limit whichever comes first.

*We will limit the number of participants to 8 per day or event.  Do not show up unless you have received a confirmation from Trails BC.  Register early or you may miss out!


You are invited to Participate in the salmon bakes that follow each one of these excursions but you must register for this as well (as a separate registration) if you plan to pariticipate: