Walking Loops

Note: Many of the walking excursions are wheelchair accessible and are noted as such where applicable.  
Each waking excursion has been planned to take advantage of interesting features along the way and every effort has been made to stay off-road, on sidewalks or, when necessary, on quiet roads.  The intent is to appreciate and respect our surroundings rather than making the challenge a race.  Safety, respect, and courtesy are the expected behaviours. The goal is to care for ourselves, others, property and our environment. Walking is both good for physical and mental wellness while uplifing our spirit.  Prepare yourself for the elements and the excursion to be undertaken. Be aware of your safety and safety of others.  Do Check out 'Travel Tips' on this website.
Are you taking up the Challenge of visiting the 23 Greater Vancouver Regional Parks using a passport provided by them?  Almost all our Regional Parks offer great walking excursions that are most often a loop or sub-loop.