Ferry County-TCT Rail Trail System

Map Legend: 

Green - rail trail     Orange - road
A total of 132 kms of rail trail
Grand Forks to Republic - 58 km (90% rail trail)
Midway to Republic via customs Rd.- 60 km
Curlew-Midway-Grand Forks Loop - 100 km
Curlew to Republic via rail trail 35 km
Curlew to Grand Forks - 23 km
Curlew to Midway - 25 km
Curlew Lake Loop using Hwy and rail trail - 20.5 kms
Republic Curlew Lake Loop - 38 km
Grand Forks to Fife Station - 27 km (back by road - 23 km (50 km loop)
Gladstone Provincial Park - extra 11 km one-way

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About the Journey: 

You are presented here with an enjoyable variety of possible bike loop or linear tours that features rail trails that connect Ferry County in the USA and Boundary in BC, Canada.  The loop and linear rail trail distances are listed in the Map Legend.

Some interesting features to note:

The Kettle River: It is 282 kms long starting in Roosevelt Lake in B.C., hits the Trans Canada Trail at Westbridge, dips in Washington USA at Midway, returns to BC in Grand Forks, and  south of Christina Lake heads back in Washington to empty in the Columbia River at Kettle Falls.  In these tours the route follows it for 60 kms.

Parks, rivers, lakes, bridges, canyons, cascading water, valleys, monuments, all with their heritage values, provide for a large variety of features. One could spend up to 4 or 5 days exploring the invigorating landscape along these routes.  The loops provide for uniquely separte excursions.  You are more likely to be in hilly terrain when chossing the roads as part of your journey.

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