Coquihalla Summit t75

Map Legend: 

t75 Coquihalla Summit 45k on the TCT

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About the Journey: 

This intriguing part of the Trans Canada Trail in the Coquihalla Summit can be challenging for some cyclists.  There is no access off the trail for about 25 km requiring one to be self-sufficient while being isolated is a super attraction for many people.  A lot of the trail while following the KVR corridor is on service roads and is hilly in places.  The highlights are: Bridal Veil Falls from Falls Lake, Needle Creek cathedral-like railroad abutments and piers, Hole-in-the-Wall with a waterfall, the rail grade approaching Portia, tunnels (1 intact, the othesr collapsed), Collpsed snowsheds, Ladner Creek, and the rail grade through Jessica.  Allow about 6 hours for this ride and start at the top end of the summit for a much more pleasant ride that allows for more downhill.