Hope Tourist Info to Othello t74

Map Legend: 

t74 Hope Tourist Info to Othello 10k on the TCT

GPS Downloads

  • KML/KMZ files can be opened in Google Earth, and many smartphone apps.
  • GPX files can be opened by most GPS software apps when KMZ cannot. Note, GPX files do not contain custom colours and icons that we use on our maps; all tracks and icons will appear the same colours and styles. We recommend using KMZ instead when possible.
  • GPX-Garmin are GPX files that we have optimized for older Garmin units that only display tracks that contain 500 points or less (such as Garmin eTrex units).

Visit our GPS & Navigation page for instructions of how to use your smartphone as a GPS device (even when outside of data coverage) or how to import data to your Garmin unit.

About the Journey: 

This is one section that cyclists might not mind going there and back making for a longer ride and it feels like a different ride on the way back.  One never tires seeing and riding this section of trail that takes in the Coquihalla Canyon with its tunnels and trestles.  Expect this rail grade to be on a gentle slope.