Pitt Meadows/Pitt Polder CYCLING TRAIL LOOP c42 & c43

GPS Downloads

  • KML/KMZ files can be opened in Google Earth, and many smartphone apps.
  • GPX files can be opened by most GPS software apps when KMZ cannot. Note, GPX files do not contain custom colours and icons that we use on our maps; all tracks and icons will appear the same colours and styles. We recommend using KMZ instead when possible.
  • GPX-Garmin are GPX files that we have optimized for older Garmin units that only display tracks that contain 500 points or less (such as Garmin eTrex units).

Visit our GPS & Navigation page for instructions of how to use your smartphone as a GPS device (even when outside of data coverage) or how to import data to your Garmin unit.

About the Journey: 

This Loop offers much variety in spite of being on dikes for a large percentage of the trip.  It features: views of farmland, mountains, and river activity; sloughs, treed parks, and the revelation of a polder as one would see in Holland.  Water plays an important part of everyday life in this region.

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Journey Highlights: