South Pitt Meadows CYCLING TRAIL LOOP c42

Map Legend: 

c42 South Pitt Meadows Cycle Loop 30-40 km
TCT Pavilion Pitt Meadows.jpg

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About the Journey: 

This easier mainly flat loop takes in two arms of the Trans Canada Trail allowing the trail to also reach Maple Ridge with a view that the Trans Canada Trail will also have a route on this side of the Fraser River all the way to the Mission Bridge and perhaps the Agassiz Bridge and be part of the Experience of the Fraser Parkway/Canyon to Coast Trail.  Apart from the waterways the main interest in this loop are the farmlands, especially the cranberry and blueberry fields.  Sighting of heronsm and ospreys is very common along all of this loop.  The features are the Pitt River Greenway, Harris Landing, Osprey Village, Katzie Slough, and the South Arm of the Alouetter River.  Note the intersections of the Pitt River with the Fraser River, the Alouette River and the Pitt River and the joining of the South and North arms of the Alouette River.  Best done counterclockwise and should take about 3 hours.  


  • Split the route in half by taking the greenway along Lougheed Hwy.  You can choose to do the Alouette River half (21 km plus 11 km if including the Haney Loop) or the Pitt River Greenway half (20 km).
  • Add by jutting into Maple Ridge and Haney adding about 1 making it 11 kms taking in a number of small parks and getting more of the Albernatie Greenway.  A visit to the Golden Ears Cheese Crafts for a bite to eat is somewhat of a treat.

Here is Youtube rendering of this loop: