South Surrey/Langley CYCLING TRAIL LOOP c45

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About the Journey: 

This loop has more cycling on roads and features Crescent Beach, Crescent Park, White Rock Urban Forest, White Rock beaches, Peace Arch Park, Campbell Valley Regional Park, Redwood Forest Park, and the Semiahmoo Trail.  See below for a more complete description.


Directions: Printable Description (PDF Download)

Directions: Counter-Clockwise


South Surrey and Langley Loop

Distance: 62k.
Starting and end point: At the Park and Ride off Southside of King George Hwy at Elgin Rd.
Connecting Roads - 20k
Trails and Pathways - 44k
Mode of travel: Well maintained Mountain Bike.  Pay particular attention to brakes, chain, and derailleur.
Low altitude - 0 ft -- High altitude - 450ft - Quite hilly mostly on pavement
Start Time: 9:00 a.m.
Finish Time: about 5 pm
Time allowed:  about 8 hrs. including lunch
Fitness level: Should be in good physical condition and have experienced cycling over 40k and be able to cycle up hills.
Food breaks: Lunch along White Rock Beach.
Photos: Raymond Lebrun




Features and Descriptions

Meet at the smaller Park and Ride on the water/Southside of King George Hwy at Elgin Rd. before crossing the one-way bridge.

Nicomekl River

From the southside of the one-way bridge over the Nicomekl River take the trail along the river that winds around the Nico Wynd Golf Club.  The trail will soon head into Elgin Heritage Park (washrooms) and back out on Crescent Rd on a pathway on the left side of the road.  Follow this path to a point just over the railroad track entering into the Crescent Beach area.

Crescent Beach (washrooms) (6.7 km so far at tracks)

After crossing the tracks watch for a road leading to a metal gate sharp on your right.  Follow this road or pathway past the gate.  Keep going to the end of the spit where it comes back on the other bank past community gardens and Blackie Spit Park to Crescent Beach.

Soon after passing the beach onto a waterfront pathway there is an opportunity to use washrooms and perhaps have a snack at a number of restaurants.  Finished here, continue on the pathway to the end and take the road turning left.  Cross the railway tracks and head up a short fairly steep trail that reaches Crescent Drive.  Turn left on this street to a t-junction and turn right for half a block and turn left on 27 Ave.  Follow it to the end or a t-junction and turn left then take it to 28 Ave and turn right.  Take this road to Crescent Road and keep going past 128th Street to the first entrance to Crescent Park.

Crescent Park and Linear Greenway (Washrooms near start) (12.9 km so far at Park entrance)


Take the trail that heads south passing playing fields through a very pleasant forest to 24th Ave.  Cross the street and continue on a linear greenway.  At the first opportunity take the trail that continues on a greenway to your left.  Beware you could miss this trail by continuing south.  This greenway passes by Dogwood Park and continues to 140th St., the end of the greenway.



Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest (18 km so far at start of trail)

Take the pathway on the opposite side of the street and head north taking a pathway along a hedge then gets back to 140th.  Cross 24th Ave to a pathway heading east or right along 24th and for 800 metres.  Look for a path that starts in a forest across the street displaying Stroke and Heart markers.  You are now in an urban forest on a great trail that will take you southwest.  Stay on this to a road and cross it to a path on the other side.  Turn left towards South Surrey Athletic Park.

White Rock (20 km so far at 16th Ave)

Go past a track and turn right or south on a path along the baseball diamond right up to the forest where there is trail that continues through it and on a residential street (146th St).  Follow this street heading south for 500 m or 3.5 blocks to 16th Ave.  Cross over into Centennial Park and stay on a path that continues south and into a large ravine.  Beware there are a few stairs to negotiate on the way down.  At the end of this interesting trail is a short street that takes you to the beach.

Here there is a choice of riding bikes in the parking lots, or walking them on the seawall along the B&N Railroad tracks overlooking the ocean or Semiahmoo Bay.  There are shops, restaurants, washrooms, etc. all the way to be enjoyed.  This great seawall is 2.25 km long to Semiahmoo Pk and Indian Reserve.  To experience the lengendary White Rock one has to walk on the seawall going east past the long quay jutting out in the sea.

Past Semiahmoo Pk.  Take the bridge over the Campbell Valley River to a road that goes past the reserve and beach houses on the way to the Peace Arch Provincial Park.  If the unwelcoming signage bothers you there is an alternate route on the map that you can take.

Peace Arch and Douglas Border Crossings (24.4 km  so far as you enter the park)

Follow this road and continue as it sharply turns north.  Turn right at the first opportunity on a road that leads to …

Peace Arch Provincial Park.

Head across or around the park past a set of washrooms down to a crosswalk.  Cross over to access the Peace Arch.  Go through the Arch to the U.S.A. side.  Then turn east, cross the road of traffic coming into Canada and take a path upwards past a flower garden and past washrooms on the US side.  Just past the washrooms make a beeline over grass to an opening in the no-post barrier on 0 Ave.

Follow 0 Ave east to just short of Douglas Border Crossing and take a road or sidewalk through a new residential area north to 2nd Ave, turn right.  Follow it to a second entrance and behind a building towards the border.  This will take you past a parking lot and to a row of cars leaving and coming into Canada.  Head towards the border along the row of cars and watch for an opportunity to cross to the other side this busy line-up.  This road takes you back to 0 Ave.

0 Ave

For the next 4.5 km offers the unique experience of being right on the Canada/US border.  It is a long but doable bicycle climb of 450 ft. elevation to a new and unique residential area called High Point (34.2 km at this point).  This is at the 9km border marker and about 198 St.   Along the way observe large estates that cater to equestrians.  At a B&B don't miss Smugglers Crossing.

At High Point head north on a great and rewarding downhill pathway.  Do take the pathway around the pond on the way down.  You are now in South Langley.

Campbell Valley Regional Park (Washrooms)(36.6 km so far at entrance to Park)

The High Point pathway leads to an entrance to Campbell Valley Regional Park at the corner of 200th St and 8th Ave.  Allowing for two choices: a) follow the path that parallels 200th St up to 16th Ave and turn right; or b) go through the gateway and follow the multi-use pathway parallel to 8th Ave all to way to the parking lot.  Follow the path to the information centre and then take a pathway that will take you to the 16th Ave entrance (See posted park map).  Unfortunately, you must walk your bikes on this pathway.  However, it is worthwhile to take the time to walk this 1.7 km trail to better appreciate the extraordinary features of this park.

The park does not end here.  At 16th Ave turn right and follow the pathway up a short hill to the entrance of a tree farm across the road.  This is a busy road.  Take care when crossing it to the tree farm.  Take the road through the tree farm and take the trail on the left at the other end of the farm.  Follow this trail all the way to 20th Ave. 

Connecting to Redwood Park

  • Make a short jog to the left and head up 204th St all the way to 24th Ave. taking notice of a variety of large homes on the way.
  • Turn left on 24th Ave with the choice of taking the pathway on the left side of the street all the way to 200th St.  Cross the street and continue on 24th Ave to the end.
  • Turn right up to 28th Ave along 196th St (Langley/Surrey Boundary) and at a t-junction and turn left.
  • If you are interested in having a bit of trail fun, after the entrance to a quarry, watch for a trail that goes into the bush.  Try to pick the best trails that will take you around Latimer Lake Park.  For the less adventurous continue on 28th Ave.
  • Watch for a wide path on your right.  Take it and continue past the barriers on a road that takes you past Keery Park.
  • At the T-junction, turn left on 184th St.  Stay on 184th past 24th Ave to the first street on your right (21A Ave).
  • This is a quiet residential street.  At the next t-junction turn left down to the next intersection, 20th Ave.
  • Take the path on your right and very soon you are at the entrance to Redwood Park  (50 km so var at entrance) on the left.  Washrooms here.
  • Go into the park and take the trail to the right up to an intriguing tree-house past huge redwood trees.  For a prominent grove of these redwoods take a short jaunt to the left to a kiosk.  After admiring these gigantic trees double back and continue on a trail heading west past a house to 176th St. 
  • Take care crossing this exceedingly busy street and take the pathway on the other side.  Head up the hill back to 20th Ave. and turn left first, on a pathway across the street and later on the side of the road up to 164th Street.

Option A:

  • Turn right on a trail that later becomes road back up to 24th Ave and turn left using pathways were possible.
  • At 160th street, cross 24th to a pathway on the other side of the road that goes over Highway 99.
  • At 156th Street turn left all the way to 19th Ave. and turn right.


Option B: (now available in 2017 because the construction at the 16th Ave. overpass is completed.)

Connecting to the Semiahmoo Trail via Alderwood Park, Bakerview Park, and Southmere Village Park

Follow 20th Ave to 164th St.

  • Take 164th south to 16th Ave.
  • Take pathways where possible along the north side of 16th Ave all the way to 160th St.
  • Go up 160th St. on the West side to Alder Place and head into this cul-de-sac.  on the west side of a grassy area and cross over the grass to a path.
  • Follow this pathway into Alderwood Park and take the pathway around the pond and around tennis courts.
  • Cross a courtyard and take a pathway to Flower Rd taking a short jog left to 157th St that angles off to 18a Ave.
  • Follow it to 156 St. and cross to the opposite sidewalk and go north to the next street (19th Ave) and turn left.

Options A and B

  • At the end of 19th Ave at 154th St, cross over and take a path through Bakerview Park that angles south to 18th Ave.  Turn right and stay on the sidewalk.  The street will turn left to become Martin Drive.  Turn right at the first sight of a pathway on the right.
  • As the pathway reaches a park keep turning right.
  • You are now on the Semiahmoo Trail.

Semiahmoo Trail back to the start

This is mostly trail and pathway.  In the first instance it is basically a greenway trail between residences.  Keep your wits about you and look for a trail every time you cross a street keeping in mind that you are heading north.  For example the next choice would have you believe that you need to take the pathway to a business area.  Instead the path goes through a grassy area.  Pretty soon the path becomes a trail and you will start going downhill.  The downhill experience gets more exhilarating after crossing an overpass at 148th St.  Once off the overpass the first part is a residential road that becomes a greenway again all the way to a gas station in front of you.  Take the left path and watch for a path next to the gas station across the road.  Take it all the way back to the car.