Cheam Cycle Journey: Othello-Hope to Agassiz FraserFEST 2019

Map Legend: 

47 to 50 km linear trail

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About the Journey: 

This 47 to 50 km cycle route features the famous Othello Canyon KVR rail trail with its tunnels, bridges,rapids, the Coquihalla River, Sucker Creek Fish Channels, Hope Center, the Fraser River, and Seabird Island with its picturesque Maria Slough. After Hope, much of it is on Highway 7, which has quite a good cycling shoulder and is the main cycling route between Agassiz and Hope on the Trans Canada Trail. It also features the former Kettle Vally Railway crossing of the Fraser in Hope (for viewing only at this time). A possible visit to the Jean Drapeau Bureau extraordinary artifact collection in Hope is being arranged.

The featured First Nations along this route are Yale Band in Hope, the Skawahlook FN of the Sto:lo Council at Ruby Creek, and the Cheam FN (Wild Strawberry Place) of the greater Sto:lo Nation.

The trip offers exceptional views of mountain peaks such as Cheam, Foley, Four Brothers, Sowerby, Ludwig, etc on the opposite shore of the Fraser River. While always close to the shores and view of the Fraser River, access is not possible because of the active railway between the Highway and the river.

This ride is either downhill or mostly flat (with the brief exception of getting on the highway bridge near Hope). It is a relatively easy ride for anyone used to cycling flat distances for several hours and have experienced cycling over 40 kms at an average speed of about 12 kms/hour with short stops along the way.

Register for this ride by first going to the Trails BC Meetup Page - you will need to become a member of the meetup and can easily decline the membership after the meetup - the membership is free.  From there you will also need to register with the Rivershed Society using the link on the Meetup page.  The ride limit is 10 cyclists.

We welcome to try this route on your own.