Crystal Falls-Burke Mountain Village Community WALKING/HIKING TRAIL LOOP W27

Map Legend: 

Burke Mountain Village Community Loop - 6.4 km - brown track
Crystal Falls Burke Village Loop - up to 13.5 km - Pink with east brown track at the village
Crystal Falls - Burke Mountain Village plus Coquitlam Lake Lookouts - up to 20 km - see additional purple tracks

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About the Journey: 

Burke Mountain Village Loop of 6.4 km - elevation change of 150 metres

This quite easy walking loop offers the opportunity to see how greenways and parks have been integrated into this new community on the outskirts of Coquitlam  The greenways include Smiling Creek, Hyde Creek, and a BC Hydro right-of-way.  Expect to be among giant cedars and Douglas Fir trees.  The primitive stumps are of interest as well.  There are opportunities to take in views all the way to Mount Baker on a clear day.  While on some of the city sidewalks it is interesting to take in the varioius residential styles in this densely populated neighbourhood.  Also, of interest in the neighbourhood are the multi-use paved pathways along David Avenue and Coast Meridian Road.

Crystal Falls - Woodland Trail - and Burke Village Loop 14 to 20 km - elevation change of 300 metres

This worthwhile day hike takes in the features of the Mountain Village Loop excluding the west side of the loop which is less featured than the east side.  Much of this trail is quite a bit more rugged giving the feeling of being in the backcountry following the Coquitalm River, and viewing such sites as the magnificent Crystal Falls and spectacular views over Coquitlam Lake, the water supply for the region.  The length of the hike is dependent on alternatives that you may wish to take.  Note that if the water is too high at the base of Crystal Falls there is an altertive route that can be taken before the falls.