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w10  False Creek Loop 10.5k - Wheechair Accessible
Trans Canada Trail Pavilion at Alder Bay on Granville Island
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About the Journey: 

False Creek, actually an arm of the Salish Sea, feels like a small inland sea that can be crossed on 3 bridges.  This great greenway dotted with parks and sleek amenities wants to be walked and run over and over again.  Of coiurse, this makes for a great cycle ase well. The Granville Island Market and artisan shops is a huge draw.  There is a good chance of seeing a team of dragon boat rowers on the water.  The list of heritage, garden, building, and park features is quite endless.  There is something for everyone.  Allow a good 3 hours to take it all in.  Skytrain to Science World Station is probably the best way to access this great experience.