Baden Powell Hiking Trail - 42 km

Map Legend: 

The Baden Powell Trail itself is 42 km long from Horsehoe Bay on Howe Sound to Deep Cove on Indian Arm with 1200 metre change in elevation.  The highest point is at the top of Black Mountain and the Lowest at sea level in Deep Cove.
Be aware that this gps track still needs refining.  The route is roughly signed.  Hence, you will need to depend on this somewhat rough gps track to avoid going off on one of the myriad other trails along the way.

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About the Journey: 

The Baden Powell Trail is a bucket list or iconic trail that needs two to four day hikes because there is no camping along the way.  However, there are several good access points. It is mainly a single track trail that is quite rugged most of the way with the first leg out of Horseshoe Bay probably being the most challenging because of the quick change in elevation and a scramble across rock scree or talus heading up Black Mountain,.  The challenges after that tend to be getting in and out of deep creek gorges. The knee-Knacker runners do it in one day.  

The Boy Scouts and Girl Guides were inspired by the centennial year of B.C's entry into Confederation in 1871 to establish this legacy trail in 1971.

Journey Highlights: 

Features from west to east taking in dense forest and many water courses include:

  • Eagle Bluff
  • Black Mountain
  • Cypress Ski area and Provincial Park
  • Hollyburn Mt. Crosscountry Ski area and Lodge (check restaurant hours)
  • Cleveland Dam with cascading water and the huge Capilano water reservoir, in the Capilano Regional Park.
  • Base of Grouse Mt. Provincial Park
  • Mosquito Creek
  • Lynn Creek (food on other side of suspension bridge) - a Metro Vancouver Regional Park
  • Seymour Canyon
  • A great finish in Deep Cove with its quaint shops and restaurants.


There is good bus transportation to the noted staging areas on the map.