Three Bridges CYCLING TRAIL LOOP c41

Map Legend: 

c41 Three Bridges Cycle Loop (Port Mann, Golden Ears, Pitt River Bridges) 45-53k
Main track - orange
Alternate tracks - Magenta.
Port Mann Bridge.jpg

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About the Journey: 

Note: This loop is also part of the FraserFEST Program whch is a scheduled excursion Aug 25, 2018 requiring you to follow these instructions and registration process.

This Loop takes in 3 major river crossing over recently built cable bridges: The Port Mann Bridge over the Fraser, the Golden Ears Bridge also over the Fraser, and the Pitt River Bridge over the Pitt River.  All of them offer significant views up and down their respective rivers and up towards the mountains.  The Golden Ears Bridge was named after the Golden Ears mountain peaks that turn golden at sunset when they are snow covered.

Connecting these bridges are major greenways and three Regional Parks, Tynehead Regional Park, Surrey Bend Regional and the Colony Farm Regional Park.  The greenway in Pitt Meadows on the Pitt River dikes is part of the Regional Park system.  To include the  Surrey Bend Regional Park, first cycle the perimeter path around Tynehead Regional Park which is the headwaters of the Serpentine River, then head over the Highway pedestrian bridge to the Surrey Bend Regional Park thus omitting a section of pathway besides the Perimeter Golden Ears Highway. On the west side of the Pitt River the route takes in a portion of theTrabouilay-PoCo Trail Greenway.that allows viewing where the Pitt River and Fraser meet. Then it is back to Colony Farm Regional Park leading to the mouth of the Coquitlam River and home of the Kwikwetlem FN. Allow 4.5 hours for the main route with addtitional time when taking in more of Tynehead and including Surrey Bend. It is best done counterclockwise.  It is 54 kms when including the three Regional Parks as well.