Tri-Cities/Burnaby CYCLING TRAIL LOOP c39

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c39 TriCities Cycle Loop 59k.

c39 Google Map of the 59k Cycle Loop only

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About the Journey: 

The TriCities/Burnaby has quite a bit of variety: There are single track trails, dikes, short fairly steep inclines, paved trail, and some roads.  In other words it is quite a bit of fun if you are fit.  There are easier sub-loops from which to choose such as the PoCo Trail, and trails around the Coquitlam Center.  

The main features include: Coquitlam City Center Park with its Lafarge Lake, salmon streams in greenways, Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby Urban Trail, a Section of the Central Valley Greenway along the Brunette River, Colony Farm Regional Park, the dikes along the Fraser River and the Pitt River, the Coquitlam River Park, and as a great option Minnekhada Regional Park. 

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Directions: Printable Description (PDF Download)

Directions: Counter-Clockwise


Metro Cycle Trail Loop
TriCities - Burnaby


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Sub-loops Descriptions
iking Loops and Sub-Loops

Distance: 61k. plus 10 km to include Minnekhada Regional Park (Note: that the PoCo-Traboulay Trail of 25-km is a sub loop – see map)
Suggested Starting and End Point: At the Trans Canada Trail Pavilion at Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam City Centre Park
Connecting Roads - 5k
Trails and Pathways - 56k
Mode of travel: Well maintained Mountain Bike.  Pay particular attention to brakes, chain, and derailleur.
Low altitude - 0 -- High altitude - 100m/328ft
Suggested Start Time: 9:00 a.m.
Finish Time: between 4 and 5 pm
Time allowed:  7 to 8 hrs. including lunch
Fitness level: Should be in good physical condition and have experienced cycling over 40k.
Food breaks: Lunch at shopping center on Hastings Street for a restaurant.
Photos: Peter Hiebert and Raymond Lebrun

Features and Descriptions

Meet at the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) Pavilion at Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam Centre Park.  

The Park is accessed from Pinetree.  This beautiful park is a reclaimed gravel pit.

From here head westward on the TCT through the David Lam Douglas College and Pinetree High School shared campus to access the Hoy Creek Trail, a highly productive salmon stream and later over Scott Creek another Salmon stream along Guildford Way.

There will be km markers up to the Cougar Trail.  They continue up Burnaby Mountain to the TCT Pavilion in Centennial Park.

Newport Village
Continuing on the TCT along Guildford using the sidewalk or bicycle lane, head for the quaint Newport Village with its shops and residential towers all concentrated in one area.  Unfortunately, it may be too early to take advantage of the coffee shops and no time for browsing.

Rocky Point Trail (Follow the TCT) - 5.8k
Once out of Newport Village keep following the Trans Canada Trail signs through Pioneer Park, pass the architecturally pleasing City Hall, and pass the Port Moody Recreation Centre to access the Shoreline Trail to Rocky Point near Noons Creek at the head of Burrard Inlet (known as Port Moody Inlet here).  Some features are the mudflats, great views, a park, and a long quay.  Washrooms are available in the main park.

Old Port Moody and Inlet Trail (Follows the TCT) - 7.6k start of Inlet Trail
Leave Rocky Point Park by taking an overpass to Old Port Moody along Clarke St.  The old buildings along the way are quite charming.  Past this business section head into the undulating Inlet Trail between the Highway and the CPR tracks in a forested greenway.  Along the route view the location marking the end of the line of the first CPR train to the west coast and where the first train station was built -- at another location one can contemplate where once existed Aliceville.

Cougar Trail/Barnet Trail/ Marine Park - 11.3k at start of trail
Above the Highway and along the Suncor operations in Burnaby leave the Trans Canada Trail on the highly forested Cougar Trail which later becomes the Barnet Trail.  Once at the former Gun Club, now part of Barnet Marine Park, stay on the road fronting this park up to the traffic light.  Across the Highway enter the other half of the park past a parking lot and over a pedestrian bridge to cross a set of CPR tracks.  This is both a heritage site and a beach.  Washrooms are available.

Drummond's Walk Trail
After being along the Hwy for about 0.6k enter this trail at Kask Bros across from the Velodrome -- another trail that takes advantage of a greenbelt between Barnet and the railway.  And as before be prepared for some fairly steep but short climbs.

Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail - 18k at overpass
Once past the pedestrian overpass over Hastings the hard work is done.  Continue on a paved pathway along a green corridor that includes the Burnaby Mt. Golf Course. 

Brunette River Trail (part of the Central Valley Greenway) - 24.8k at Winston St.
The restoration since 1969 by the Sapperton Fish and Game Club of Brunette River is miraculous.  See if you can identify the various types of restoration that has taken place along this river.

Humes Park - 27.3k
Washrooms are available.  This popular park is situated on a hill and is our connection to the trails along the Fraser River.  Once past Humes Park it is mainly roadway and sidewalks for the next while.  Coquitlam is planning a bikeway to connect with the Central Valley Greenway through this area to join up with Colony Farm Regional Park.  In the meantime the route is mainly on roads, some of them quite busy.

Colony Farm Regional Park - 35.2k along Coquitlam River
On the way to Colony Farm, head to where the Coquitlam River meets the Fraser River.  Follow the Coquitlam River and cross it to meet with the PoCo Trail. Note: this section of trail is interrupted during the Port Mann Bridge Construction -- see map for detour.

PoCo -Traboulay Trail
Start on this extraordinary trail from Colony Farm that circles Port Coquitlam in a 27k loop.  It soon reaches the Citadel Landing (38k) along the Fraser River.  Across the way is Douglas Island, a Regional Park, and where the Pitt River meets the Fraser River.  This can be a washroom stop.  Continue on this trail past the Gillnetter Pub.

From here continue on dikes along the Pitt River.  The Pitt River Greenway is across the River.  You later pass Peace Park on the way to the new Pitt River Bridge (44k).  Back on the TCT after going under the bridge, are TCT km markers that can be used as a countdown to the starting point. Continue on the dike all the way to Deboville Slough (47.7k).  Bird life and nests can easily be observed as well as great views of the Golden Ears and the other peaks - do read the interpretive sign just before turning west along the slough for the identification of all these peaks.

Minnekhada Regional Park – To take in Minnekhada Regional Park take the trail on the other side of Deboville Slough and follow the Google Earth Map.  The features along this route are the spectacular views up the Pitt River, the extensive blueberry fields, the Pitt Addtington Marsch Wildlife Area, the lodge, the conservation area with its lake and other views.

Deboville Slough is the outflow of Hyde Creek another super salmon stream project.  Follow Hyde Creek past the Hyde Creek Community Centre (location of the hometown of the Terry Fox Run) - washrooms are available.  Continue past one of the better developed Fish Hatchery in the Fraser Valley on the way to Willington Park where there is a mature forest that connects with...

Coquitlam River Park - 53k at Oxford
The route through Coquitlam River Park and Coquitlam Centre Park makes for an extraordinary finish to the trip.