West Richmond CYCLING TRAIL LOOP c34

Map Legend: 

c34 West Richmond Cycle Loop 33.7k
Orange track - the Main trail
Magenta - for alternate or optional routing and for other connections
Brown - for walking

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About the Journey: 

The main features of this loop along with its many viewpoints:

  • River Rock Casino River Front
  • Burkville Institutions & Airport on Sea Island
  • Fraser River Dike Trail
  • West Dike Trail along Sturgeon Banks and Salish Sea
  • Garry Point with its fishing fleet in Scotch Pond fleet and the Fisherman Monument
  • Steveston Quay Village
  • Imperial Landing and Britannia Heritage Site with its charming Chinese heritage houses and fishing boats
  • South Dike Greenway Trail
  • Finn Slough with its heritage houses on stilts
  • Hoseshoe Slough joining up with the Shell rail trail greenway
  • Bridgeport rail trail greenway


  • Greenway Trail to MacDonald Park - add 8.5 km
  • Iona Reach Reional Park with MacDonald Park - add 17 km (add another 8 km for pipeline trail jutting into the Salish Sea}
  • McArthur Glen Designer Outlet
  • 2010 Winter Olympic Oval
  • Terra Rural Park Trail
  • Railway Ave. Greenway (shortcut alternative)

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Journey Highlights: 







Parking & Staging Areas

Shopping & Provisions

Public Washrooms

Directions: Printable Description (PDF Download)

Directions: Counter-Clockwise

Metro Cycle Trail Loop
Richmond - Queensborough (N.W.) - South Burnaby - South Vancouver

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Sub-loops Descriptions

Distance: 61.1k loop  
Starting and end point: Burnaby Foreshore Park at the south end of Byrne Road. (For the short route park at the corner of Shell Rd. and Steveston Hwy, on the South side of the Hwy.  Follow the Shell Rd corridor passing Bridgeport Rd. then watch for an abandoned rail grade on your left.  This short route is completely in Richmond and does not cross any bridges).
Connecting Roads - 9k
Trails and Pathways - 52k
Mode of travel: Well maintained Mountain Bike
Level of Difficulty:  Easy terrain - long distance
Low altitude - 0 -- High altitude - 76.5m/250 ft  -- basically flat
Time allowed:  7 to 8 hrs including lunch
Fitness level: Should be in good physical condition and have experienced cycling over 40k
Photos and collected information: Burnaby, Vancouver, and Richmond websites and Peter Hiebert.

Features and Descriptions

Burnaby Foreshore Park

Starting point.  Please park along the road near the park instead of the park parking lot. 

It has a playground and a washroom with a lush shoreline trail with several waterways along the Fraser where river traffic can be observed.  Note that there is a separate walking and a cycling route.

At the Boundary of Vancouver the trail heads east

A temporary pathway has been opened along the riverfront from Boundary Road to Kerr Street as part of the anticipated development of the East Fraser lands.

Riverfront Park (Killarney) - 5k

Washrooms (13.5k to next ones)

Riverfront Park’s rose- and poplar-lined pathways are its biggest draw; the park also offers picnic and play areas, all with breathtaking views.

This river front trail runs into

Gladstone-Riverside Park (Victoria - Fraserview)

Gladstone features a popular walking trail and pier, both with many opportunities to view the Fraser River. Natural forest is also part of the park.

Connecting with Richmond
From just before the Knight Street Bridge to the Canada Line Skytrain over the Fraser into Richmond the path is broken in two places along East and West Kent Ave. following the cycle commuter route.  0.5k of road is on East Kent Avenue and 1k on West Kent Ave.  Knight Street separates Fraserview and Sunset.

The distance to the middle of the Canada Line Bridge is 11.3k.

Connecting with the West Dyke Trail
From the Skytrain Bridge there is a new pathway to the first Skytrain Station on the Richmond side at Great Canadian Way.  The next 1.8k will be on road and pathway with controlled intersections (Hopefully, Richmond will remedy this one day):

  • At 14.2k, rather than going to the skytrain station continue straight ahead on Charles Street to River Road.
  • Turn left on River Road to No. 3 Road and stay on No. 3 to Sea Island Way.
  • Cross to the south side and continue on No. 3 to Capstan Way.
  • Take Capstan Way to River Road turn left and go up on the West Dyke trail at the first opportunity.

West Dyke Highlights

2010 Winter Olympics Oval
Soon after passing a Yacht Club and the Dinsmore -Gilbert Rd. Bridge is the 2010 Winter Olympics Oval.

Dover Beach along the Middle Arm
After passing under No. 2 Road Bridge, the West Dyke Trail offers spectacular views of the North Shore, Vancouver International Airport with planes coming and going along with activities on the water.  This is the beginning of Sturgeon Banks starting on the north arm of the Fraser and continues to the south arm overlooking Georgia Strait.

Terra Nova Rural Park - 19.5k
Just as you turn south around a sharp bend this Rural Park is on the inland side.   It is a 35 acre protected old field habitat with a perimeter trail and viewing platforms. Wintering birds, owls and hawks can be observed in this conservation area.

Public Washrooms are located here next to the dyke. (Next washrooms are 2.2 km later at Blundell Road)

The next 6k is along Sturgeon Banks and offers panoramic views over the Salish Sea, and the South Gulf Islands. The long expanse of marsh that makes up Sturgeon Banks next to the dyke runs from Terra Nova in the north to Garry Point Park to the south.  It is the site of migrating and nesting birds.

Garry Point Park
It is at the outflow the Fraser River south arm and Scotch Pond Historic Moorage site.  From virtually anywhere in this wide-open park one can watch commercial fishing and transport vessels on the working Fraser River, and see a variety of wildlife.  The Steveston Fishermen's Memorial Monument is in the shape of a threading needle for fish nets.

Steveston Greenways - 26k

The Steveston Greenways link public park space with the waterfront, industrial, commercial, and historical points of interest found in and around the historic fishing village.  Watch for interpretive signage.

This is a great lunch spot and public washrooms are available. 

Gulf of Georgia Cannery
It is a national historic site and cannery commemorating the West Coast fishing industry with the use of themed exhibits. Guided and self-guided tours are offered.

Steveston Historic Fishing Village
Features shops, markets, galleries, restaurants, Public Fish Sales Float, commercial boat tours and the Steveston Museum, Steveston Park, and Community Centre

Imperial Landing
It is a waterfront park with paths situated on the historic cannery site of BC Packers Ltd.  Recently finished during the redevelopment of the BC Packers lands, this scenic promenade features BC Packers artefacts, interpretation signage, timber boardwalks, viewing tower, piers, and public art features.  There are exceptional views of Shady Island, the Fraser River and the active harbour.

Britannia Heritage Shipyard
It is a historic waterfront park with turn-of-the-century cannery residences, boat works, shipyard, boardwalk, marsh view and Murikami Visitor Centre with self-guided tours.  Chinese were the main residents here.

South Dyke Trail - 29.7k

Continue travelling along the river in a predominantly agricultural area up to Horseshoe Slough.

Fishing Piers
Richmond is made up of a group of islands located at the mouth of the Fraser River. The City is surrounded by water with the Fraser River to the north, east and south and the Strait of Georgia to the west, the reason for the numerous piers and docks along the waterfront trails.

London's Landing and London Heritage Farm
There are views of Steveston Island (aka Shady Island) and the historic Cannery Channel. It has a Fishing float, picnic tables, washrooms, interpretation signage.

The heritage farmhouse consists of a house with a barn, gardens and displays situated across the road from sandy beaches and marshes.  Tea is served.

Soon after leaving the heritage house enter Gilbert's Beach (end of Gilbert Road)

Dog off Leash Park
This park is right before and after going around an industrial site and has a separate path for bikes.  Good vista to see Mount Baker. There are washrooms here.

Finn Road Trail and Slough
Great photo opportunities are possible here by taking the short boardwalk into this heritage fishing village. It is a historic slough settlement with old buildings and homes on piles in a marsh habitat setting. 

Shell Road Trail 36k

Head north from the South Dike Trail at Woodward's Landing Park along Horseshoe Slough and Shell Road Trails.

The Shell Road Trail is a long interior trail that runs north/south along the Shell Road rail corridor. This trail has a distinctly rural feel to it with its blueberry farm, tall trees and shrubs lining both sides of it.



Nature Park Bog Forest
The Nature Park Bog Forest is at the corner of Westminster Highway and the Shell Road Trail.  It lines the other side of the Highway heading east.  The Nature Park is made up of 100+ acres of bog forest and offers an educational centre, guided walking tours, picnic area and shelter, and independent exploration on trails and boardwalks.


East Richmond and Queensborough

Westminster Highway - 41.7

For the first 2.6k travel in a bike lane along the Highway and side road.

The next 4k is a pathway beside the Highway.  This is broken up about half way by visiting the Lulu Island Winery for possible wine tasting and washroom break.

Leave the Highway to again reach the Dyke Road Trail via No. 9 Rd., a 2k quiet road.


The Dyke Road Trail to the Alex Fraser Bridge - 50.5k
Once again continue along the South Arm of the Fraser River.  The trail becomes road for a short distance.  The Fraser River is very active for this stretch and is lined with boats and houseboats.

Connector Path to Queensborough Bridge - 54k
Under Alex Fraser Bridge head north on a path on the east side of a canal along Boundary Road to Ewen Ave and accessed through a small park.  Continue north on the pathways that later follows the north side of the Freeway into Queensborough.

Follow this path to the end passing a shopping centre then cross over Boyd St. northeast to access the Queensborough Bridge on the West side.

New Westminster- Burnaby - 57k (middle of bridge - 4k to go)

Take the 7-11 Trail or B.C. Parkway following the Skytrain.

Leave the 7-11 Trail after crossing an overpass at Southridge Drive

Immediately head downhill on a pathway that eventually crosses Marine Way.

Go west on Marine Way to where the trail quickly turns left or south along the Byrne Trail.  It can take you all the way to the starting point.  The trail is broken up at the way to a Golf Course entrance.  There is a choice of continuing on a short single track trail almost hidden in vegetation to the railroad tracks.  Carefully lift your bike and cross the tracks to where the trail continues on the other side.  The trail continues to the park where you started.  If you are not inclined to take this more adventurous route you can head to Byrne Road, turn right and head all the way back to your vehicle.