Penticton - Osoyoos Cycling Tour

Map Legend: 

The line colours are used to break up the tracks into 5 distinct sections - the colours otherwise do not demark anything (such as trail surfaces, difficulty, etc).

From north to south:

  • Section 1: Penticton to Skaha Lake (orange)
  • Section 2: Skaha Lake Okanagan Falls (magenta)
  • Section 3: Okanagan Falls to northern end of Oliver via roadways (orange)
  • Section 4: North end of Oliver to north end of Osoyoos (magenta)
  • Section 5: North end of Osoyoos into downtown Osoyoos via roadways (orange)

GPS Downloads

  • KML/KMZ files can be opened in Google Earth, and many smartphone apps.
  • GPX files can be opened by most GPS software apps when KMZ cannot. Note, GPX files do not contain custom colours and icons that we use on our maps; all tracks and icons will appear the same colours and styles. We recommend using KMZ instead when possible.
  • GPX-Garmin are GPX files that we have optimized for older Garmin units that only display tracks that contain 500 points or less (such as Garmin eTrex units).

Visit our GPS & Navigation page for instructions of how to use your smartphone as a GPS device (even when outside of data coverage) or how to import data to your Garmin unit.

About the Journey: 

A 56.4 km one-way journey between Penticton and Osoyoos; definitely a challenging one-day round trip given the rough trail surface in some areas  We recommend staying the night in Osoyoos. The portion from Penticton to Okanagan Falls and back is a lovely day trip (44 km return), and the section from Oliver to Osoyoos and back is also a great day trip (60 km return).

Journey Highlights: 

  • Urban trails in Penticton, especially scenic along Okanagan Lake shore
  • Stunning scenery on the rail trail along Skaha Lake
  • Cool, shady sections of trail near Oliver Station

Parking & Staging Areas

  • Parking can be found in Penticton. Pay parking near Lake Okanagan can suit the bill - otherwise parking in the summer months can be tricky.
  • Parking in Okanagan Falls can be found at Lions Park
  • A large underused parking lot north of Oliver, marked on our maps, seems to be free of restrictions at this time
  • Parking is available just north of Osoyoos near the southern trail terminus of the Hike & Bike Trail along the canal
  • Parking is available in Osoyoos but may be challenging to find at times

Shopping & Provisions

Groceries are best found in Penticton, the largest service center of the area.

Public Washrooms

Public toilets can be found at the side of the trail at Oliver Station


A variety of accommodations can be found in the region, but camping can be expensive and books up early in the season. Inkaneek Provincial Park is shown on our maps. Bed & Breakfasts are available throughout the area.