Lochside Trail TCT Alternate t52

Map Legend: 

t52 Lochside Trail TCT Alternate 30k

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  • GPX-Garmin are GPX files that we have optimized for older Garmin units that only display tracks that contain 500 points or less (such as Garmin eTrex units).

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About the Journey: 

The Lochside Rail Trail follows an old railway line that ran between Victoria and Sidney, then continues north to the ferry terminal at Swartz Bay. with a total length about 30 km. Trail surface varies between finely crushed gravel and paved surfaces, and there are sections where the trail uses rural farm roads and bike lanes along regional roads. Allow a good 2 hours one way.  Note the Site seeing routing through Sidney, also a great place to eat.  For more details go to this link on the Trails BC website.