Victoria Walking/Hiking Trail Loop w1

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w1 Victoria 10k Walking Loop  - Wheelchair accessible
Totem Pole in Beacon Hill Park
Beacon Hill Totem.jpg

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About the Journey: 

This 10 km shoreline tour starts and begins at Clover Point, the Pacific Terminus of the Trans Canada Trail and takes advantage of Victoria's beautiful shoreline, exciting harbourfront, historic buildings and following the Trans Canada Trail to return south, passing directly through the city's crown jewel, Beacon Hill Park. Take advantage of an amazing spur - the Ogden Point Breakwater, now featuring handrails to accommodate visitors of all ages and mobility. The entire loop can be walked in 2 hours, but with so many attractions along the way, it can often take over 3!

  • Walking time roughly 2 hours, with stops up to 3.
  • Jogging is not recommended at peak hours; route can be congested with slow walkers and dogs! Early mornings are fine. Roughly 45 minutes.
  • Cycling is not permitted along many sections. Roads are generally cycle-friendly. Time roughly 45 minutes.
  • Horses not permitted.
  • Skateboarders and rollerbladers are not permitted along many sections.
  • No accessibility issues. There are stairways at Ogden Point and the Inner Harbour, but these can be easily by-passed.

Do the purple tracks for a 16 km walk and added attractions.

Parking & Staging Areas

You can park at Clover Point or curbside at various locations along Dallas Road with no daytime restrictions. Parking in Beacon Hill Park is restricted to certain times and lengths. Parking in the downtown core is metered - but parking is normally free on Sundays.

Public Washrooms

Washrooms can be found at the corner of Dallas and Cook St at the southeast corner of Beacon Hill Park. Washrooms are also located in the centre of the park near the children's playground. Toilets can be found in Fisherman's Wharf and at the northern end of the Inner Harbour.