Elizabeth Sovis Memorial Ride Across Canada - BC Portion Completed!

Ed Aunger begins his ride at the Pacific Terminus (Clover Point, Victoria)

Update, Aug 8 - Ed has completed his ride across British Columbia after the challenging ride up the Elk Valley to the Alberta border. Congratulations to Ed!

On Saturday July 14, 2012, Elizabeth Sovis of Edmonton, Alberta, died suddenly while cycling on Prince Edward Island. She was struck by a motor vehicle, operated by a drunk driver. Elizabeth planned to take retirement on July 1, 2013 from her work as a speech-language pathologist in order to foster the development of safe cycling trails in Canada and most particularly in Alberta. Elizabeth had cycled the Trans Canada Trail in most Canadian provinces and she was dismayed that poor trail conditions often forced cyclists to venture on to dangerous roads. It is a cruel irony that she died on a highway with no paved shoulders, only minutes after leaving the Confederation Trail, part of the Trans Canada Trail.

Her husband, Edmund Aunger, is undertaking a cross-Canada cycle trip to raise funds for the Trans Canada Trail and raise awareness of cyclist safety. The ride began in Victoria on July 1, 2013, and will travel to Edmonton. In subsequent years, he will make his way to PEI, arriving in 2017. Trails BC invites you to get involved with Edmund's ride.  To get involved, visit his website and petition.