Trail Loops Challenge Program (May 1 - Sept 7, 2014)

The Southwest BC - Metro Vancouver Trail Loops Challenge Program
A fun physical and social activity -- May 1 to September 7, 2014

Here is a great opportunity to try out a number of great trail loops described and mapped on our website while honing your wayfinding skills.

Head out and try one or more of our "Trail Loops" in the Southwest BC - Metro Vancouver area, then come back to our site and tell us about your adventure with our Participant Form (below).

For the full Instructions, read our Instructions, Waiver, and Schedule of Guided Tours Document (PDF)

Once you've completed one or more loops, you must submit the form below in order to register.

The purpose of this form is to show you have either attempted or completed one of the listed loops or sub-loops

Please note! Charitable receipts will be issued for payments of $10 or more; consider filling out this form after completing multiple loops, by paying for a friend, or by purchasing a membership for only $25!

To sign-up for guided tour - Click here

To sign-up for the Workshop on April 29 - Click here