Vancouver Island Spine Trail

About the Journey: 

The Vancouver Island Spine Trail is a 700-km proposed wilderness trail that will run from tip-to-tip along the spine of Vancouver Island. The goal of the Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association (VISTA) is to utilize as many existing trails as possible, but they are building new connector trails each summer. There are ample opportunities to volunteer for trail building sessions - please visit their web site for more details.

Since we do not host or update this trail map, we do not offer a GPS download for this trail. Please download the latest copy by opening this map in Google Maps and selecting "Download KML" from the menu.

Note: The map above has been created by VISTA and will automatically update as they make changes to their routes. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data! Although some sections of the Spine Trail are complete and operational, many parts are not. Contact VISTA for the latest trail maps and conditions.