Alternate Route to the Trans Canada Trail (The Great Trail) between Tsawwassen and Langley: 61 km

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About the Route: 

While not an official Trans Canada Trail alternate route at this time, this route is meant to connect the TCT in Langley with the Lochside Trail to Victoria.  It offers a shorter route on the TCT in and out of Victoria to the Lower Mainland and vice versa. 

The 61-km Alternate Route described here connects back to the main route of the Trans Canada Trail at the Golden Ears Bridge in Langley via Delta and Surrey.  Mainly off-road routes are also possible to connect back to the City of Vancouver to rejoin the main route of the TCT. 

This corridor connects regional greenways, municipal and regional parks, and forests taking advantage of dikes and utility rights of ways.

From the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal one is pleasantly greeted by a causeway with the Salish Sea washing up on both sides.  Next is the Tsawwassen FN with its breakwater, half km boardwalk over marshland, the reserve itself, and finallyy the huge Tsawwassen Mills commercial centre.  East of downtown Tsawwassen, the 16-km dike Boundary Bay Greenway overlooks a large bay all the way to White Rock and Bellingham in the United States.  Bird watchers abound on these dikes.  The dikes run into Mud Bay Regional Park, again a great bird watching area with wetlands.  From there heading north the route takes in the Delta-South Surrey Greenway with its Watershed Park and the edge of the famous Burns Bog.

Through Surrey the trail mainly follows a hydro right-of-way and passes through Green Timbers Urban Forest to later experience Tynehead Regional Park.

Connection Points to the TCT: 

The western end of this route (at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal) does not connect to the Trans Canada Trail; from the terminal, one can travel on the ferry to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island and use our Victoria - Swartz Bay alternate route (via the Lochside Trail) to connect to the Trans Canada Trail in Victoria.

The Tsawwassen-Langley route's eastern terminus is in the shadow of the Golden Ears Bridge. From here, users can connect with the Trans Canada Trail. Users heading back west towards Vancouver will climb the circular ramps up to the bridge in order to cross the Fraser River. Travellers heading east towards Abbotsford will continue north on 201 Street (underneath the bridge). For route users leaving the Trans Canada Trail and heading to Tsawwassen, go west from this point on 100A Avenue.

Trail Highlights and Developments: 

  • Bird watching - snowy owls and bald eagles abound in the winter, particularly in February
  • Links to the Trans Canada Trail in Langley for a great loop experience (travelling back to Vancouver, then to Nanaimo, returning south to Victoria


There is accommodation in Tsawwassen, Surrey and Fort Langley.

There are also campgrounds:

Directions: Eastbound

Total Distance of this Alternative Route in the Lower Mainland - 58 km

Boundary Bay Greenway Connector Route from Ferry Terminal - 7.8 km (includes the causeway 3 km)

  • After leaving the causeway, take the roadway on the south side of the highway that goes through the Tsawwassen First Nations Lands to a golf course. If the road through the golf course is completed (under construction as of February 2013 - Otherwise you will need to take the bike lane on the highway to 52th St. and pick up the trail on the east side of this road) take the road all the way through the golf course to 52th St. and turn left on a trail that goes right up to the Highway.
  • Cross over to the other side of 52th St and backtrack to a trail between houses and empty fields.
  • Go past a playground and come out in a commercial centre.
  • Go to the street on your right and head for the Delta Community Cente after crossing 56th St.
  • On the right side of the community center is a pathway that heads all the way to the waterfront at Beach Grove taking in a few streets.

Boundary Bay Regional Greenway Dike Trail - 16.7 km (including Mud Bay Regional Park)

  • Head first northward then east on this fabulous ride all the way into Mud Bay Regional Park and go right to its entrance.
  • When there is a choice of trail when entering the park take the one on the right.
  • Look for the abundant bird life and great views across the bay.

Delta-South Surrey Regional Greenway Trail - 10.5 km

  • Follow the road out of the park all the way over a set of railroad tracks to Colebrook Rd.
  • Turn left and follow this road to a trail on the right 1.3 km from the park entrance.
  • Follow the Regional Greenway signs past a golf course.
  • Right after going under Ladner Trunk Rd take the trail on the left.
  • Stay on this trail past Watershed Park, along Davies Creek, and along Burns Bog right up to the Alex Fraser Bridge. Don't go on the bridge but rather take a trail up on right side of Nordel Way.

Nordel Way pathway - 8 km

  • Stay on the pathway/sidewalk on the right side of Nordel Way up to 120nd St (Scott Rd) cross Nordel Way and continue on the other side to 126th St. and turn left.

Hydro Greenway to Tynehead Regional Park - 20 km

  • From 126th St hop on the Hydro Greenway. This greenway is well signed and can be followed all the way to Tynehead Regional Park keeping in mind that on occasion it gets off the hydro right of way to get around private property and to cross roads.
  • Approaching Tynehead Regional Park the trail veers to a trail along 96 Ave.
  • Follow the path on 96 Ave to 168th St. Cross 96 Ave and pick up the trail on the right in Tynehead Regional Park a little ways up 168th St.
  • Turn right after entering the park.

Tynehead Regional Park to Golden Ears Bridge - 7.8 km

  • From 168th ST, stay on the east edge of the park up the northeast corner.
  • At this corner cross 96 Ave then cross 176th St.
  • From here pick-up a paved trail that parallels the Golden Ears Way.
  • Follow this pathway all the way to TelegraphTrail Rd and turn right.
  • Go to the next corner and turn left. Follow this road over the railroad tracks and turn right.
  • This road will first turn left, then right and finally left on 100a Ave to the Golden Ears Bridge.
  • To continue on the Trans Canada Trail to Fort Langley follow the pathway under the Bridge.
  • If you want to go back towards the City of Vancouver cross the bridge and follow the TCT.

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