Connecting to the Trans Canada Trail (The Great Trail) in Vancouver from the U.S.A. via Blaine, WA: 47 km

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Trans Canada Trail Closed
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Alternate Route for Hiking
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Connection Point to the Trans Canada Trail

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About the Route: 

This section of trail offers a pleasant route between the City of Vancouver and the US Border at Blaine, Washington via the Central Valley Greenway and the BC Parkway/7-11 Trail.

Connection Points to the TCT: 

This alternate route connects to the Trans Canada Trail at Science World. For those travelling into downtown Vancouver, refer to the Vancouver TCT page for multiple route options. For southbound travellers, follow Quebec Street to E 1st Ave in order to connect with the Central Valley Greenway.

Trail Highlights and Developments: 

  • Quite direct route between Vancouver and the United States - but uses a minimum of roads
  • Scenic, quiet trails
  • Can be a little confusing - no trail markers or maps along the way. Use our GPS data!
  • Short distance - only about 47 km!

Directions: Northbound

These directions do not include the portion from the Border Crossing to Elgin - please stay tuned as we add them to the site.



Elgin to Mud Bay

  • From the Nimomekl River, the route travels north on King George Blvd, crossing over Highway 99 and over a bridge crossing the Serpentine River.
  • A few hundred metres after crossing the Serpentine, take the first road on your left - this will connect to Colebrook Road, which travels perpendicular to King George. Turn west (left).

Delta-South Surrey Regional Greenway Trail

  • Continue west on Colebrook Road for about 5.5 km. About 1 km past 125a Street, a trail will appear on the right. Take the trail.
  • Follow the Regional Greenway signs past a golf course.
  • Right after going under Ladner Trunk Rd take the trail on the left.
  • Stay on this trail past Watershed Park, along Davies Creek, and along Burns Bog right up to the Alex Fraser Bridge.

From the South side of the Alex Fraser Bridge to Science World in Vancouver

  • Please note that the Alex Fraser Bridge and the Queensborough Bridge have a pathway on each side of the bridge depending which way you are going.  Please try to use the the side of the bridge that allows cycling in the same direction of the cars.
  • After going across the Alex Fraser Bridge, take pathways through Queensborough to the Queensborough Bridge.
  • From the Queensborough Bridge the the BC Parkway/7-11 Trail to John Henry Park.  From here there is a connection to the Central Valley Greenway.  Follow it all the way to Vancouver.

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Trail maintenance issues are the responsibility of the Trail Steward, which is either the trail owner or a group given authorization to perform maintenance work. Trails BC is a trail steward for a very limited number of trail segments on the Trans Canada Trail; unfortunately, if a major trail issue occurs along the Trans Canada Trail, there is often very little we can do about it - but we can try to pass on the information to the trail steward, if one exists.

Information such as a precise location (GPS waypoint), photo, as well as your contact information is extremely helpful to ensure the problem is accurately reported.

AGAIN, DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO SUBMIT NOTICES ABOUT TRAILS THAT ARE NOT PART OF THE TRANS CANADA TRAIL. We will simply delete the submission and it will not be posted or passed on to anyone. If you need to report a closure on such a trail, please determine the trail owner or operator and send a notice to them.

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