Trans Canada Trail (The Great Trail) in downtown Vancouver: Canada Place to Burnaby, 43 km

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About the Route: 

The Trans Canada Trail takes in the northern fringes of these two very large urban centers and manages to follow pathways most of the time but in some sections it finds itself on bikeways that are controlled quiet streets with sidewalks.

In the City of Vancouver the trail up to the Second Narrows Memorial Bridge is paved.  From here there are both paved and gravel paths through Burnaby.  Through Vancouver the pathway is mostly flat up to Clark Drive on the border of the Italian Quarter.  From this point heading east there are a number of moderate short hills up to Burnaby Mountain.  Burnaby Mountain offers spectacular views and ecology, the reward for a very stiff climb of about 2 km and an equally steep 4 km downhill back to sea level.  Our map shows an alternate route that is much easier with a few short steep climbs along Burrard Inlet that takes in Barnet Marine Park for those who are not up to heavy climbing and downhill. 

Trail Highlights and Developments: 

In the City of Vancouver, the Trans Canada Trail connects a number of communities and parks highlighting 24 km of shoreline pathways or seawall.  Some of the sites are:

  • Coal Harbour with its new apartments towers, hotels, Canada Place and the Convention Center, and marinas.
  • The West End with its great beaches that includes the internationally known Stanley Park.
  •  False Creek with its Granville Island Market and shops, parks with great views of the Vancouver skyline, and North Shore Mountains, the Olympic Village site, and Science World.
  • Chinatown gate and Market along Keefer  Street.
  • The Italian Quarter best viewed along Commercial Avenue.
  • Neighbourhood along Burrard Inlet connecting to New Brighton Park, the birthplace of Vancouver, to the east boundary of Vancouver overlooking mighty grain elevators, Burrard Inlet, and the North Shore Mountains.

In Burnaby, the trail is mainly a collection of greenways connecting parks along Burrard Inlet such as: Montrose Park overlooking former Crabtown, Confederation Park, Capitol Hill Conservation Area, Kensington Park, and Burnaby Mountain Park.  Walkers are always on a pathway or a sidewalk and cyclists need to use the roadway whenever the route is a sidewalk in a few locations approaching Burnaby Mountain.

Parking & Staging Areas

In Vancouver, there is parking at Coal Harbour, various points throughout Stanley Park Sunset Beach Vanier Park, Granville Island, Science World, and New Brighton Park. Of course, there is street parking in many areas along this route.

In Burnaby, there is limited parking at the north end of Boundary Road at the start of Montrose Park. Otherwise, there is limited street parking on side streets.

Public Washrooms

In Vancouver, there are public washrooms at the SeaBus terminal, Brockton Oval, Lumberman's Arch, Third Beach, Second Beach, English Bay, Granville Island Information Centre, Strathcona Community Centre, and New Brighton Park.

In Burnaby, there are public washrooms in Confederation Park and on the North side of the Horizon Restaurant on Centennial Park on Burnaby Mountain. Parking is available at Confederation Park, Kensington Park, and Centennial Park.


BC Hostels three locations in Vancouver 
RV Park and Camping in Burnaby 
Visitor's Bureau for accommodation and feature sites



Westcoast Express (train) - Morning and evening trains - Vancouver to Mission - take bikes 
Translink for Bus service - take bikes 
SeaBus for Burrard Inlet crossing between Lonsdale Quay and Vancouver - take bikes

Note that Westcoast Express, Translink, and SeBus all work on the same fare system and allows for trasfers between them

AquaBus for False Creek crossings between the south and north shore - take bikes

Printable Maps & Directions (PDF)

Directions: Eastbound

Coal Harbour Trail (Seaside Bikeway) – 3 km
The Trail through Vancouver city starts at the SeaBus Terminal.  If travelling by bike take the elevator up to the main floor and head out of this former CN railroad Station.  It is a short jaunt into Gastown and back coming out of the station allowing for an excellent short excursion in Vancouver’s old logger’s town to enjoy a working steam clock, a major First Nations store, and much more.   Back at the train station head west towards Canada Place and continue on a path around the back of the new Conference Centre where there is interpretation and great views of the North Shore Mountains, Stanley Park, and the Harbour.  Continue along the Coal Harbour Seawall all the way to Stanley Park.

Stanley Park Trail (Seaside Bikeway) (Stanley Park Intro and Map)
It is 9.0 km from the park entrance across from Lost Lagoon along Coal Harbour to English Bay and must be cycled counterclockwise around the Park.  Walkers also go counterclockwise when heading east on the Trans Canada Trail.

Continue around Stanley Park keeping to the right passing by Totem Park, The Harry Jerome Monument, Brockton Point, Lumberman's Arch (access to the Aquarium/Zoo), the Lion's Gate Bridge overhead, Siwash Rock, Third Beach and Second Beach, also taking in historical markers/monuments, beaches, and sensational views. The Aquarium and Zoo are easily accessible from Lumberman's Arch. Public restrooms can be found at Brockton Oval, Lumberman's Arch, Third and Second Beach.

Cyclists traveling west Please Note:
Cyclists going east to west need to cross over the south side of Lost Lagoon, south of Second Beach to follow the one-way cycling path around Stanley Park. You will have to cross over a second time to continue your journey along Coal Harbour. On the second time past Lost Lagoon you may wish to follow the north side instead of repeating the south side path.

West End Trail (Seaside Bikeway)
The Trail continues along English Bay, Sunset Beach and crosses False Creek over the historic Burrard Street Bridge. The bike and walking trail is almost always separate right up to the Aquatic Center. Take the first path to the left to Beach Avenue. Walkers follow Beach Ave to the Burrard Bridge and take a path to the West stairs to access the West sidewalk of the bridge.  Cyclists continue up Thurlow for one more block, turn right on Pacific Street to access the west cycling path on the bridge.

South False Creek Trail (Seaside Bikeway)

Side trip:
On the south side of Burrard Bridge it is worthwhile to follow the waterfront westward along Kitsilano Beach, Jericho Beach, and Spanish Banks. There is a youth hostel in the Jericho Beach area. Past Spanish Banks are the University of BC Endowment Lands where there is the Museum of Anthropology and Pacific Spirit Park. The Nitobe Gardens and the Marine Drive Botanical Gardens are also great attractions on this campus.

The logistics of getting on and off the Burrard bridge are still being worked out. For now, the best and most interesting route is to turn westward on the first street you come to, Chestnut Street, and turn north towards the water on a path along the right side of a playing field and head for the waterfront.  Turn right and head under the Burrard Bridge on the way to Granville Island.

On Granville Island follow the Park Walk.  To see the TCT Pavilion and find washrooms at the False Creek Community Centre, watch for the sign post that has the following 3 signs: Island Park Walk, Birch Walk and Granville Island and go left.  Otherwise, continue straight ahead on the pathway.

The Trail continues east from here along South False Creek shore all the way to Science World passing Cambie street Bridge and what was the Olympic Village.

From Science World continue around the end of False Creek and watch for a new pathway heading north (Carrall Street Bike path).  Take it all the way to Keefer Street and turn right.

Chinatown Trail
Follow Keefer eastward through the Chinatown market. Cross Main Street along Keefer passing a Chinese Temple, the Strathcona Community Centre (pool and restrooms), and the historical Strathcona School up to Maclean Park. Restrooms may be open in the park.  Turn right on Healey Ave and proceed to Union Street.

Portside Trail (includes Adanac, Lakewood and Portside bikeways)
Turn east on on Union Street on a commuter bikeways. Follow Union Street which becomes Adanac Street (Canada spelled backwards) after making a short jog to the left (north) on Vernon Drive. Follow Adanac Street crossing Clark and Commercial Streets.  (Follow Commercial south to First Avenue if you want to experience the Italian Quarter). Continuing along Adanac, cross Victoria St. to Lakewood Street. Here, the Trail heads north following a pathway through the Templeton High School Yard. The school built a plaza for the enjoyment of Trans Canada Trail travelers. Pay close attention to the Mosaics made by the students of this school. Can you identify the provincial birds? Follow Lakewood Street past the school grounds. Cross Hastings and Dundas Streets and follow a pathway through a small park to Wall Street.

Follow Wall Street eastward taking in several small parks overlooking Burrard Inlet along the way. Pass 'Dusty' Greenwell Park, cross Renfrew Street and continue along Wall Street to a path that goes up to a crosswalk onto the Overpass to New Brighton Park and the industrial waterfront.. 

Take the east sidewalk on the overpass to a stairway on the right (cyclists need to continue to the bottom of the ramp and turn right towards the seawall). The stairway leads to the seawall. Follow the seawall east while viewing the port along with the Casacadia Grain Elevators. Pass the pool area and public restrooms (closed during the winter).  Do read the bronze historical marker across from the washrooms. Proceed under the railroad tracks and follow the path  eastward to Bridgeway Road.

The path continues along Bridgeway until it makes a sharp turn south.  Keep heading east in spite of the signs on the gate for vehicles and continue under the Second Narrows Bridge/Iron Workers Memorial Bridge and then over a trail bridge that was constructed to go over the CN tunnel entrance. Note From this trail bridge locate two sets of tracks, the CN going over the CP tracks to North Vancouver.  It is also a great vantage point for all kinds of boat activity in waters fighting difficult currents.  From here the trail soon crosses the Burnaby Boundary.

Burnaby Heights Trail

Montrose, Eton, and McGill Parks
The Burnaby Heights section of the Trail starts at the foot of Boundary Road and proceeds westward in Montrose Park following the North Burnaby Burrard escarpment. This trail continues along the south side of the Chevron property through Eton and McGill Parks to Willingdon Avenue and Penzance Drive. Along this route, the Heights Trail Partnership is working on a Burnaby-Vancouver Gateway and a series of viewing areas offering Heritage and Ecology Interpretation and views over Burrard Inlet.

Penzance Trail
The Trail continues along Penzance Drive through Confederation Park to the Scenic View Trailhead in the Capitol Hill Conservation Area. Washroom facilities are available on the south side of the park. It is well worth visiting the unique Miniature Railway Park at the corner of Willingdon and Penzance.

Scenic View Trail
The Scenic View Trail continues along the edge of the Shell Refinery to Hastings Street east of Fell Avenue. This pleasant undulating trail through forest completely isolates the trail user from the busy urban life just to the north of this park.

Special Note to Cyclists
Cyclists are advised to get off the Scenic View Trail where the trail intersects Fell Street. Follow Fell Street to Hastings. Cross Hastings to Kensington Park and Follow the Urban Trail South in Kensington Park to Union Street Follow Union Street to Duthie Avenue. Follow Duthie Northward to the Burnaby Mountain Parkway. Follow it going southward to the pedestrian and cyclist activated traffic lights and cross the Parkway. Get on what used to be  a section of Burnwood Avenue and follow it to the top of Hastings Street where there is a new cycling path to Centennial Way.

Hastings Trail
When the trail meets Hastings Street turn left on the sidewalk up to Kensington Avenue and cross over to the Shell Station.  Take the path behind the Shell station and follow the urban trail along the golf range. Continue along a lane (to be upgraded) to the last street and take it to Hastings Street. Follow Hastings Street under a pedestrian overpass to a large intersection. Cross over the start of the Barnet Highway toward 7-Eleven and continue on the North side of Hastings Street (Burnaby Mountain Parkway) towards Burnaby Mountain and continue straight up the mountain on a road that aligns itself with Hastings Street.  An alternative is to take the pedestrian overpass and head for the same corner to avoid having to cross busy Hastings Street.

Burnaby Mountain Trail

Caution to cyclists - This is a steep grade up and then down on the other side.  Going down is somewhat treacherous because it is very steep in places, there curves and there are many other people on the trail (some with dogs).  Go down slowly.

There is an easier route along the Barnet Highway for those who those who may find this part of the trail too steep. Please refer to the maps. This easier trail meets with the main trail at the Suncor tank farm entrance.

At the top of what looks like Hastings Street there is a walking and a cycling trail. The walking and cycling trail meet at Centennial Way at the top.  The walking trail is quite rugged but not as steep.

Cross Centennial Way and follow the newly constructed trail at the bottom of a grassy slope, through a forested area and up to the Trans Canada Trail Marker with its red roof  Before going on it is worthwhile to take in the Centennial Park (Burnaby Mountain Park) with features such as the Centennial Rose Garden, the Haida Totem Poles, the Kamiu Mintara sculptures (Playground of the Gods) and the magnificent vistas over Vancouver City, Indian Arm and Burrard Inlet. On clear days it is possible to see over Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island. Also public washrooms are available on the north side of the Horizon Restaurant.

Continue up the Mountain to Joe's Trail (.39 km) and take the fork (take care not to take the fork that heads up to Simon Fraser University.  Joe's Trail is on the North side of the Mountain. Simon Fraser University is just to the south of the Trail. This modern monastic-like campus is well worth a visit. The trail goes through a conservation area which is a mountain retreat of mixed deciduous/coniferous forest, creek habitat, and wildlife and ends on a BC Hydro right-of-way and turn left.

Continue northwest on the Hydro right of way towards the Barnet Highway for about 280m and take a trail on the right side of the right-of-way.

From here follow this extraordinary 660 metre wooded trail down to the Barnet Highway.  Follow the Trail to the Port Moody Boundary by first following the Barnet Highway to a crosswalk and traffic light to cross over to the north side along the Petro-Canada port access road.

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