Become a Member

To become a member of Trails BC, please fill out the application form found at the bottom of this page. Payment can be made in two ways, online via Paypal, or by mailing a cheque. After filling out the membership application, you will be redirected to a page outlining instructions for making either type of payment.

Alternatively, if you prefer to mail us your application form, you may download a printable PDF Membership Application form and mail it with a cheque.

Our mission is to expand, sustain and preserve the existing provincial trail network. We have the mandate to assemble the British Columbia section of the Trans Canada Trail for its intended non-motorized users. Your membership will help ensure that the Trans Canada Trail will be completed.

As a member you:

  • Support Trails BC in its efforts to facilitate and advocate for trail preservation and construction in B.C.
  • Help us carry out our obligations in the building of the Trans Canada Trail across B.C.
  • Have voting rights at any of our meetings and you have the right to run for any position that becomes available.
  • Are positioned to report to us about any trails in your area of B.C.
  • Will receive information about our activities and our progress with the TCT.
  • Can become involved as needed in activities that entail trail building, maintenance, promotion, and administration

Membership Categories
(See the Trails BC Bylaws for details.)

  • Individual Membership
    To be a member, an individual must be at least 14 years of age. Individual Members in good standing have the right to hold office and vote at meetings. The Individual Membership fee is $25.00.
  • Group Membership
    This category is open to non-profit organizations that support the objectives of Trails BC. The Group Membership fee is $100.00.
  • Associate Membership
    This category is open to individuals, commercial enterprises and other agencies that benefit from the Trans Canada Trail and/or support the objectives of Trails BC. The Associate Membership fee is $100.00.


Trails BC Membership Application

If you represent a group or association, please enter the name.
Please enter your group or association's website.
If you chose to be actively involved with Trails BC, please indicate your areas of interest. You may select as many as you wish; hold CTRL key to select more than one.
If you chose other, please state.
Note: You do not need an account with Paypal in order to submit your payment - you can easily make a one-time payment using your credit card.
Please tell us more about yourself. For example: expertise, interests, any equipment you can supply, your transportation situation, etc.