Our Goals & Objectives


Many of our province's trails are being overun by ATVs, dirt bikes, and even 4x4sr making them barely useable by cyclists in particular! Some are turned into Forest Service Roads, logged out and at times obliterated by industry. Together we can effectively protect what we have and build a great network of British Columbia recreational trails - support Trails BC with your membership and donations!

Our objectives..

  • To advocate for the preservation of natural, historic and developed trails in British Columbia.
  • To promote the development and establishment of trails allowing for quality recreational experiences by non-motorized users in British Columbia.
  • To seek permanent designation of trails in British Columbia as rights-of-way in perpetuity.
  • To accept, acquire and raise funds, materials and labour for trail related projects in British Columbia.
  • To promote safety, courtesy, and respect for cultural, heritage and environmental features with trail users.
  • To enter into agreements, when required for trail establishment, with private and government land owners for development and stewardship of trails in British Columbia.

Q: What does Trails BC do?

A: Trails BC, also known officially as the Trails Society of BC, is a non-profit registered society (1995) under the Provincial Societies Act. Trails BC became a Registered Charity effective December 1st, 1996, and can issue Income Tax receipts for donations. Our mandate is to "facilitate the development of shared use and sustainable trail networks, including the Trans Canada Trail, within British Columbia".

Trails BC has been designated by the Trans Canada Trail Foundation to facilitate the development of the Trans Canada Trail in BC.

Our immediate goals are:

  • To gather public support for our efforts to build and manage trails.
  • To build a local community-based membership of trail-minded individuals and groups.
  • To promote a provincial trail network and to record existing trail routes throughout BC.

Our achievements include:

  • The development of about 40% of the Trans Canada Trail in BC (southern route), and the registration of 53% of the trail with the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, as of January 2000.
  • Amendments to provincial legislation, increasing opportunities for the general public to have recreational access to private and leased lands.
  • Advocacy work with the Land Use Coordination Office and in recent years with Recreation Sites and Trails BC, resulting in government recognition of the need for a province-wide trail strategy.

Q: How can I assist? What kind of help do you need?

A: If you haven’t already, the best ways to lend a hand would be to "Get Involved" by joining Trails BC as a member, volunteer, trail steward or simply donate funds.