Warning: KVR between Summerland and Penticton

Originally posted 2013 -- Closure affecting the Summerland Area -- No update as of Sept 21, 2018 -- The portion of the KVR between the Trout Creek Trestle (southern Summerland) and the city of Penticton is in the process of being returned to the Penticton Indian Band. Once the transfer is complete (in 2018?), agreements will be needed to permit future public use of the trail. Although there are no barriers to prevent users from travelling along this section of trail, they are crossing "no man's land" (not yet private property) and do so at their own risk; this segment of the KVR is not maintained or patrolled. Trails BC/Trans Canada Trail does not have permission from the Ministry of Transportation to recommend using Highway 97 as a safe alternate - though cyclists do use this route daily. We hope in the coming months (or years) to invite trail users to use the trail - stay tuned!