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Welcome to the Trails Society of BC's official website. We are a registered non-profit and charity with a mandate to assemble the British Columbian section of the Trans Canada Trail, as well as advocate for the expansion, sustainability and preservation of greenway trails in B.C.


We dedicate ourselves to keep our information updated.  We thank you for being part of our grand vision of a Trans Canada Trail and our quest for quality greenway experiences for non-motorized trail users. You can pariticipate by becoming a Trails BC member, a volunteer, or a donor.  


2018 Newsletter - providing you with reports, trail updates and stories, and reminders.


We thank all of you for your role and interest supporting the establishment and care of significant trails in B.C., in particular the Great Trail/the Trans Canada Trail, and greenway trails.


Discover magnificent scouted out adventure cycles and walks or hikes by going to our Loop and Linear Trails Touring pages! Here are a few of the most recent additions: a cycle  loop on Vancouver Island taking advantage of the new Lanford to Shawnigan Lake Traillinear trail in Ucluelet on Vancouver Islandthese walking loops on Burke Mountain in Coquitlam; and, an easy download of the Baden Powell Trail.  We love to receive comments regardng your experiences with them by emailing


The TCT25 Top 3 completing the posted trail cycle and hike tours while celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Trans Canada Trail receiving awards and sponsored prizes by MEC and TREK Bikes are: Jon Nightingale, Joette Heuft, and Daryl Sturdy.  All three chose to do the hike excursions with Jon hiking a minimum of 422 km while completing 38 of the trail tours.  The challenge was to complete 25 bike or walking tours.  We are pleased that many of you registered and got started on these trail tours.  All took on the challenge by inviting others along.  We are aware many others took in the outings without registering.  Hopefully you will continue enjoying more of them.  The same trail tours and additional ones can now be found as Loops and Linear Touiring on this website.  Link here for a full lsiting of sponsors and partners.


For Trail Closures and alerts - click here.

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