Trails Society of BC

Welcome to the Trails Society of BC's official website. We are a registered non-profit and charity with a mandate to assemble the British Columbian section of the Trans Canada Trail, as well as advocate for the expansion, sustainability and preservation of greenway trails in B.C.


We dedicate ourselves to keep our information updated.  We thank you for being part of our grand vision of a Trans Canada Trail and our quest for quality experiences for non-motorized trail users. You can pariticipate by becoming a Trails BC member, a volunteer, or a donor.  

This being the 25th anniversary of the Trans Canada Trail, it is a good moment to reflect on how it all got started by reviewing an article that we put out in 2012.


Discover magnificent scouted out adventure cycles and walks or hikes by going to our Loops and Linear Outings pages!  For example, check out this new cycle  loop on Vancouver Island or this linear trail on Vancouver Island   or these walking loops in Coquitlam.  We love to receive comments regardng your experiences with them


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