Travel Tips

The Trans Canada Trail takes its form in a variety of ways; from paved multi-use urban trails to rough-and-ready wilderness hiking routes, the trail is as diverse as Canada itself. So how does one prepare to tackle it?

In most cases, no preparation is necessary, particularly for the thousands of people who use the trail in their daily lives. But for those venturing a little further afield, we recommend to prepare using the following steps:

  1. Plan your route from start to finish with our maps of the Trans Canada Trail (or any of our other trail pages)
  2. Check the Trail Conditions and Closures to ensure your journey will not be affected!
  3. Learn how to navigate our routes using our GPS & Navigation page.
  4. Review our Equipment Tips to ensure you have the right gear.
  5. Become a saavy trekker with our Trail Safety and Trail Ethics and Noxious Weeds guides.
  6. Consider buying a guide book or paper maps.
  7. Still need help? Contact us!