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Without question, the most comprehensive guidebook available for the Trans Canada Trail throughout British Columbia is Bruce Obee's "Trans Canada Trail - British Columbia".

Published by: Whitecap Books Ltd.
351 Lynn Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7J 2C4
Phone: (604) 980-9852
fax: (604) 980-8197

ISBN: 1-55285-928-2;
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.25 inches
Page Count: 416
Binding: Paperback

The book follows both the Southern (Victoria to Elk Pass) and Northern (Dawson Creek to Yukon border) routes. Colour maps combined with detailed route descriptions, numerous colour photographs, interesting facts and highlights of the trail form the base for this pocket-sized (8.25 inches high by 5.25 inches wide) book.... but with over 400 pages, you will need big pockets!

Although the Trans Canada Trail's route through BC has evolved slightly since the book was produced, the vast majority is still completely accurate and relevant. You may wish to confirm the routing using our Trails & Maps pages, or contact us if you wish to travel across the province using this book.

Other Recommended Guidebooks:

  • Cycling The Kettle Valley Railway, by Dan Langford (A perennial favourite amongst KVR travellers, though only covers the trail from Hope to Midway. Can be downloaded onto Kindle devices and more. Be sure to buy the latest edition - currently the third). Amazon.
  • Kettle Valley Express, by Vicom Designs (Small map book for the KVR, as well as Columbia & Western, published and updated annually. The small scale map isn't highly detailed, but it includes touristic information, such as accomodations.. and soon a smartphone app!).